Source code for cobbler.cobbler_collections.images

Cobbler module that at runtime holds all images in Cobbler.

# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later
# SPDX-FileCopyrightText: Copyright 2006-2009, Red Hat, Inc and Others
# SPDX-FileCopyrightText: Michael DeHaan <michael.dehaan AT gmail>

from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, Any, Dict

from cobbler import utils
from cobbler.cexceptions import CX
from cobbler.cobbler_collections import collection
from cobbler.items import image

    from cobbler.api import CobblerAPI

[docs]class Images(collection.Collection[image.Image]): """ A image instance represents a ISO or virt image we want to track and repeatedly install. It differs from a answer-file based installation. """
[docs] @staticmethod def collection_type() -> str: return "image"
[docs] @staticmethod def collection_types() -> str: return "images"
[docs] def factory_produce(self, api: "CobblerAPI", seed_data: Dict[str, Any]): """ Return a Distro forged from seed_data :param api: Parameter is skipped. :param seed_data: Data to seed the object with. :returns: The created object. """ return image.Image(self.api, **seed_data)
[docs] def remove( self, name: str, with_delete: bool = True, with_sync: bool = True, with_triggers: bool = True, recursive: bool = True, ) -> None: """ Remove element named 'name' from the collection :raises CX: In case object does not exist or it would orhan a system. """ # NOTE: with_delete isn't currently meaningful for repos but is left in for consistency in the API. Unused. obj = self.listing.get(name, None) if obj is None: raise CX(f"cannot delete an object that does not exist: {name}") # first see if any Groups use this distro if not recursive: for system in if system.image == name: raise CX(f"removal would orphan system: {}") if recursive: kids = self.api.find_system(return_list=True, **{"image":}) if kids is None: kids = [] if not isinstance(kids, list): raise ValueError("Expected list or None from find_items!") for k in kids: self.api.remove_system(k, recursive=True) if with_delete: if with_triggers: utils.run_triggers( self.api, obj, "/var/lib/cobbler/triggers/delete/image/pre/*", [] ) if with_sync: lite_sync = self.api.get_sync() lite_sync.remove_single_image(obj) with self.lock: del self.listing[name] self.collection_mgr.serialize_delete(self, obj) if with_delete: if with_triggers: utils.run_triggers( self.api, obj, "/var/lib/cobbler/triggers/delete/image/post/*", [] ) utils.run_triggers( self.api, obj, "/var/lib/cobbler/triggers/change/*", [] )