Source code for cobbler.grub

Module that contains GRUB related helper functionality.

import logging
from typing import Optional

import netaddr  # type: ignore

[docs]def parse_grub_remote_file(file_location: str) -> Optional[str]: """ Parses a URI which grub would try to load from the network. :param file_location: The location which grub would try to load from the network. :return: In case the URL could be parsed it is returned in the converted format. Otherwise None is returned. :raises TypeError: In case file_location is not of type ``str``. :raises ValueError: In case the file location does not contain a valid IPv4 or IPv6 address """ if not isinstance(file_location, str): # type: ignore raise TypeError('"file_location" should be of type "str"') if file_location.startswith("ftp://"): logging.warning( "FTP protocol not supported by GRUB. Only HTTP and TFTP [%s]", file_location ) return None if file_location.startswith("http://"): (server, _, path) = file_location[7:].partition("/") prot = "http" elif file_location.startswith("tftp://"): (server, _, path) = file_location[7:].partition("/") prot = "tftp" else: logging.warning( "Unknown or unsupported protocol set for GRUB [%s]", file_location ) return None if not (server.startswith("@@") and server.endswith("server@@")): if not (netaddr.valid_ipv4(server) or netaddr.valid_ipv6(server)): raise ValueError( f"Invalid remote file format {file_location}\n{server} is not a valid IP address" ) res = f"({prot},{server})/{path}" #"Found remote grub file. Converted [%s] to [%s]", file_location, res) return res