Source code for cobbler.modules.installation.post_report

# (c) 2008-2009
# Jeff Schroeder <>
# Michael DeHaan <michael.dehaan AT gmail>
# License: GPLv2+

# Post install trigger for Cobbler to send out a pretty email report that contains target information.

from builtins import str
import smtplib
from cobbler.cexceptions import CX
import cobbler.templar as templar
import cobbler.utils as utils

[docs]def register() -> str: """ The mandatory Cobbler module registration hook. :return: Always ``/var/lib/cobbler/triggers/install/post/*``. """ # this pure python trigger acts as if it were a legacy shell-trigger, but is much faster. # the return of this method indicates the trigger type return "/var/lib/cobbler/triggers/install/post/*"
[docs]def run(api, args) -> int: """ This is the mandatory Cobbler module run trigger hook. :param api: The api to resolve information with. :param args: This is an array with three elements. 0: "target" or "profile" 1: name of target or profile 2: ip or "?" :return: ``0`` or ``1``. :raises CX: Raised if the blender result is empty. """ # FIXME: make everything use the logger settings = api.settings() # go no further if this feature is turned off if not settings.build_reporting_enabled: return 0 objtype = args[0] name = args[1] boot_ip = args[2] if objtype == "system": target = api.find_system(name) else: target = api.find_profile(name) # collapse the object down to a rendered datastructure target = utils.blender(api, False, target) if target == {}: raise CX("failure looking up target") to_addr = settings.build_reporting_email if to_addr == "": return 0 # add the ability to specify an MTA for servers that don't run their own smtp_server = settings.build_reporting_smtp_server if smtp_server == "": smtp_server = "localhost" # use a custom from address or fall back to a reasonable default from_addr = settings.build_reporting_sender if from_addr == "": from_addr = "cobbler@%s" % settings.server subject = settings.build_reporting_subject if subject == "": subject = '[Cobbler] install complete ' to_addr = ",".join(to_addr) metadata = { "from_addr": from_addr, "to_addr": to_addr, "subject": subject, "boot_ip": boot_ip } metadata.update(target) with open("/etc/cobbler/reporting/build_report_email.template") as input_template: input_data = message = templar.Templar(api._collection_mgr).render(input_data, metadata, None) sendmail = True for prefix in settings.build_reporting_ignorelist: if prefix != '' and name.lower().startswith(prefix): sendmail = False if sendmail: # Send the mail # FIXME: on error, return non-zero server_handle = smtplib.SMTP(smtp_server) server_handle.sendmail(from_addr, to_addr.split(','), message) server_handle.quit() return 0