Source code for cobbler.modules.sync_post_restart_services

Restarts the DHCP and/or DNS after a Cobbler sync to apply changes to the configuration files.

import logging
from typing import TYPE_CHECKING, List

from cobbler import utils
from cobbler.utils import process_management

    from cobbler.api import CobblerAPI

logger = logging.getLogger()

[docs]def register() -> str: """ This pure python trigger acts as if it were a legacy shell-trigger, but is much faster. The return of this method indicates the trigger type :return: Always ``/var/lib/cobbler/triggers/sync/post/*`` """ return "/var/lib/cobbler/triggers/sync/post/*"
[docs]def run(api: "CobblerAPI", args: List[str]) -> int: """ Run the trigger via this method, meaning in this case that depending on the settings dns and/or dhcp services are restarted. :param api: The api to resolve settings. :param args: This parameter is not used currently. :return: The return code of the service restarts. """ settings = api.settings() which_dhcp_module = api.get_module_name_from_file("dhcp", "module") which_dns_module = api.get_module_name_from_file("dns", "module") # special handling as we don't want to restart it twice has_restarted_dnsmasq = False ret_code = 0 if settings.manage_dhcp and settings.restart_dhcp: if which_dhcp_module in ("managers.isc", "managers.dnsmasq"): dhcp_module = api.get_module_from_file("dhcp", "module") ret_code = dhcp_module.get_manager(api).restart_service() if which_dhcp_module == "managers.dnsmasq": has_restarted_dnsmasq = True else: logger.error("unknown DHCP engine: %s", which_dhcp_module) ret_code = 411 if settings.manage_dns and settings.restart_dns: if which_dns_module == "managers.bind": named_service_name = utils.named_service_name() ret_code = process_management.service_restart(named_service_name) elif which_dns_module == "managers.dnsmasq" and not has_restarted_dnsmasq: ret_code = process_management.service_restart("dnsmasq") elif which_dns_module == "managers.dnsmasq" and has_restarted_dnsmasq: ret_code = 0 elif which_dns_module == "managers.ndjbdns": # N-DJBDNS picks up configuration changes automatically and does not need to be restarted. pass else: logger.error("unknown DNS engine: %s", which_dns_module) ret_code = 412 return ret_code