Source code for cobbler.utils.event

This module contains logic to support the events Cobbler generates in its XML-RPC API.

import time
import uuid
from typing import List, Union

from cobbler import enums

[docs]class CobblerEvent: """ This is a small helper class that represents an event in Cobbler. """ def __init__(self, name: str = "", statetime: float = 0.0) -> None: """ Default Constructor that initializes the event id. :param name: The human-readable name of the event :statetime: The time the event was created. """ self.__event_id = "" self.statetime = statetime self.__name = name self.state = enums.EventStatus.INFO self.read_by_who: List[str] = [] # Initialize the even_id self.__generate_event_id() def __len__(self) -> int: return len(self.__members()) def __getitem__(self, idx: int) -> Union[str, List[str], float]: return self.__members()[idx] def __members(self) -> List[Union[str, float, List[str]]]: """ Lists the members with their current values. :returns: This converts all members to scalar types that can be passed via XML-RPC. """ return [self.statetime,, self.state.value, self.read_by_who] @property def event_id(self) -> str: """ Read only property to retrieve the internal ID of the event. """ return self.__event_id @property def name(self) -> str: """ Read only property to retrieve the human-readable name of the event. """ return self.__name def __generate_event_id(self) -> None: """ Generate an event id based on the current timestamp :return: An id in the format: "<4 digit year>-<2 digit month>-<two digit day>_<2 digit hour><2 digit minute> <2 digit second>_<optional string>" """ ( year, month, day, hour, minute, second, _, _, _, ) = time.localtime() task_uuid = uuid.uuid4().hex self.__event_id = f"{year:04d}-{month:02d}-{day:02d}_{hour:02d}{minute:02d}{second:02d}_{}_{task_uuid}"