5.1. Updates to the yaml-settings-file

5.1.1. Starting with 3.4.0

  • TBD

5.1.2. Starting with 3.3.3

  • default_virt_file_size is now a float as intended.

  • We added the proxies key for first-level Uyuni & SUSE Manager support. It is optional, so you can ignore it if you don’t run one of the two solutions or a derivative of it.

5.1.3. Starting with 3.3.2

  • After community feedback we changed the default of the auto-migration to be disabled. It can be re-enabled via the already known methods cobbler-settings-Tool, the settings file key auto_migrate_settings and the Daemon flag. We have decided to not change the flag for existing installations.

5.1.4. Starting with 3.3.1

  • There is a new setting bootloaders_shim_location. For details please refer to the appropriate section below.

5.1.5. Starting with 3.3.0

  • The setting enable_gpxe was replaced with enable_ipxe.

  • The settings.d directory (/etc/cobbler/settings.d/) was deprecated and will be removed in the future.

  • There is a new CLI tool called cobbler-settings which can be used to validate and migrate settings files from differente versions and to modify keys in the current settings file. Have a look at the migration matrix in the next paragraph to see the supported migration paths. Furthermore the auto migration feature can be enabled or disabled.

  • A new settings auto migration feature was implemented which automatically updates the settings when installing a new version. A backup of the old settings file will be created in the same folder beforehand.

5.1.6. Starting with 3.2.1

  • We require the extension .yaml on our settings file to indicate the format of the file to editors and comply to standards of the YAML specification.

  • We require the usage of booleans in the format of True and False. If you have old integer style booleans with 1 and 0 this is fine but you may should convert them as soon as possible. We may decide in a future version to enforce our new way in a stricter manner. Automatic conversion is only done on a best-effort/available-resources basis.

  • We enforce the types of values to the keys. Additional unexpected keys will throw errors. If you have those used in Cobbler please report this in our issue tracker. We have decided to go this way to be able to rely on the existence of the values. This gives us the freedom to write fewer access checks to the settings without losing stability.