3. Scripts


All execution examples are not meant to be copy&pasted! Cobbler instances are very custom and each command needs to be adjusted to your environment.

3.1. migrate-data-v2-to-v3.py

3.1.1. Description

This script tries to convert your old Cobbler 2.x.x data to Cobbler 3.x.x data. It won’t make backups and can’t rollback the changes it did.

3.1.2. Execution examples

python3 migrate-data-v2-to-v3.py

3.1.3. Author

Orion Poplawski

3.2. settings-migration-v1-to-v2.sh

3.2.1. Description

This script will try to replace your old modules.conf file (< 3.0.1) to a new one (>= 3.0.1).

3.2.2. Execution examples

./settings-migration-v1-to-v2.sh -h
./settings-migration-v1-to-v2.sh -r -f /etc/cobbler/modules.conf
./settings-migration-v1-to-v2.sh -n -f /etc/cobbler/modules.conf
./settings-migration-v1-to-v2.sh -s -f /etc/cobbler/modules.conf

3.2.3. Author

Enno Gotthold

3.3. cobbler-settings

3.3.1. Description

This script will enable you to manage the settings of Cobbler.

3.3.2. Execution examples

cobbler-settings -c /etc/cobbler/settings migrate # Prints updated settings file to stdout
cobbler-settings -c /etc/cobbler/settings.yaml migrate -t /etc/cobbler/settings.new.yaml # Writes migrated result to file
cobbler-settings validate # Validates the file at /etc/cobbler/settings.yaml
cobbler-settings automigrate --enable # Enables settings auto-migration
cobbler-settings automigrate # Disables settings auto-migration
cobbler-settings modify --key="next_server_v4" --value="" # Changes the key to the new value

3.3.3. Author

Enno Gotthold & Dominik Gedon