6.1. DHCP Management

Cobbler can optionally help you manage a DHCP server. This feature is off by default.

The following options are available for modules.dhcp.module:

  • "managers.isc"

  • "managers.dnsmasq"

Set manage_dhcp: true and manage_dhcp_v4 or manage_dhcp_v6 to true for this setting to take effect.

This allows DHCP to be managed via “cobbler system add” commands, when you specify the MAC address and IP address for systems you add into Cobbler.

You must configure the templates for your networking environment. Read the file and understand how the particular app work before proceeding.

If you already have DHCP configuration data that you would like to preserve (such as DHCP that was manually configured earlier), insert the relevant portions of it into the template file, as running cobbler sync will overwrite your previous configuration.

By default, Cobbler updates the DHCP configuration file each time you run cobbler sync. Remember to use cobbler sync when you use this feature.

6.1.1. isc DHCP

Helpful links:

Templates used during generation:

  • /etc/cobbler/dhcp.template

  • /etc/cobbler/dhcp6.template

6.1.2. dnsmasq DHCP

Helpful links:

Templates used during generation:

  • /etc/cobbler/dnsmasq.template

6.1.3. Kea DHCP

Support for Kea is a not yet implemented feature request: https://github.com/cobbler/cobbler/issues/3609

Helpful links: